How to apply funds from DBC Treasury

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How to apply funds from DBC Treasury

When an applicant applies for funds from the Treasury in a proposal, 5% of the proposal request amount is required to be reserved. If the treasury proposal is approved, the reserved funds will be refunded; if the treasury proposal is rejected, the reserved funds will be slashed. Please note that users cannot withdraw a proposal after it has been submitted.

1. proposal draft

prepare your proposal draft according to the template in new window

2. off-chain discussion

Before submitting a proposal on-chain, the proposer can discuss the proposal with the council and community members on any occasion off the chain, such as WeChat, telegram community, etc., and integrate the opinions of multiple parties to continuously improve the proposal.

Currently, DBC has established a subreddit community DBC_Council ( in new window ) on Reddit. The community has also established a proposal discussion flair [proposal_draft discussion]. Proposers can also publish the draft to the community and add flair【proposal_draft discussion】for discussion.

3. on-chain submission

submit your proposal on in new window. Enter the total amount of DBC applied for, and then the system will automatically mortgage 5% of DBC as a security deposit. The maximum of this and the minimum bond will be used to secure the proposal, refundable if it passes.


⚠️ Be aware that once submitted the proposal will be put to a council vote. If the proposal is rejected due to a lack of info, invalid requirements or non-benefit to the network as a whole, the full bond posted will be lost. Please pay attention to the preparation of the proposal and submit a complete and feasible proposal.

Meanwhile,post the final version of your proposal to the DBC subreddit flair【proposal_submitted onchain】(or edit the flair of the draft), with the on-chain proposal number and block height.

4. Council make motion and voting

When the applicant completes the application, the application will be visible in in new window.

At this point, **the council can make a motion to accept or reject the proposal for the application. ** A motion to accept an application proposal requires 3/5 of the council to agree; a motion to reject an application proposal requires 1/2 of the council to agree.

Please note! Council needs to make a motion in the treasury in new window in order to make a motion in the council - motion council/motionsopen in new window for voting.

5. After voting

After the end of the voting, the council needs to close the motion manually ( in new window).

After voting,the admin of the DBC subreddit will move the proposal to flair【proposal_approved】or【proposal_rejected】according to the outcome。

6.Funds payment

The funds will be divided on installments

The proposer who have successfully applied are requested to continue to update their outcomes. Please specify the funds required for each stage in the proposal. The outcomes of the proposal is monitored by community members (except members of the council)

Note: The release of approved funding requests will be released at the end of the spending cycle. The spending cycle can be viewed at in new window (there is a countdown to the spending cycle in the upper right corner).