How to join DBC network

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How to join DBC network

If you have some DBC and want to get more, you can choose to become a validator, which requires 7*24 hours to run a node. If you don't want to run a node, but still want to get profit, you can choose to be a nominator by nominate validators.

  • Validator: A validator needs to maintain a full node, which is mainly responsible for verifying transactions and generating blocks based on consensus.
  • Nominator (Nominator): A nominator needs to stake DBC and nominate the validator, by this way it is possible to generate the validator in the network and share the rewards with the validator. DBC will be slash when the validator is punished.


Periods of common actions and attributes in DBC network

  • Slot:30 seconds (generally one block per slot)
  • Epoch duration:4 hour
  • Era duration:24 hours (6 sessions per Era, one Era is an election peroid, and is also a reward calculation peroid)
  • The n-1 Era election period (the election period interval is 1 Era) will generate a new set of Validators, responsible for n+1 Era block generation

Total reward amount:

  • In [0 ~ 3) year: 10^9 DBC every year
  • In [3~8) year: 0.5 * 10^9 DBC every year
  • In [8, 8+) year:0.5 _ (2.5 _ 10^9 + DBC_from_renter) / 5 DBC every year

Reward rules:

  • After each block is generated, the rewards obtained by the block producer will be recorded to the ErasRewardPoints, and the rules for reward EraRewardPoints are:

    • 20 points for main chain block producers
    • 2 points for uncle block producers
    • 1 point for producers who quoted uncle blocks
  • The validators get same amount of rewards for the same job

  • Reward retention time: 84 era (84 days), rewards exceeding the retention time will not be recorded. Anyone can send Payout transactions to get rewards (even if they do not participate in the stake), and everyone who staked in the validator node can get rewards by a single call.

  • Validator Reward = Total Reward _ Customized Commissions + Remaining Part of Reward _ Percentage of validator staked

  • Nominator Award: Only the top 128 of stakes can be rewarded ( according to the stake amount). Number of rewards = (total rewards of nodes - custom commissions of validators) * Percentage of nominator's stake

How to be a norminator

How to nominate on DBC -- stake DBC,be a Nominator to get rewards

How to be a validator

How to be a DBC validator -- run a full node,be a Validator to get rewards