How to nominate on DBC?

Less than 1 minute

How to nominate on DBC?

1. Generate stash account

(If you already have stash account, you can skip this)

Reference: How to generate new account

2. Get some DBC.

Open in new window and you can see your account and your balance:

3. Nominator

  • Navigate to Network > Staking > Account actions, click Nominator
  • set your stash account,controller account andvalue bonded,then click next
  • then, you should select the validator. (You can nominate more than one validator).
  • Finally click Bond & Nominate to send the transaction and finished the nominate.

4. Check your nominate result

Navigate toNetwork > Staking > Account actions, you can see the balance of bonded DBC and the validator you nominated.

5. Nominate the second time

Nominate in step 6 include two step: set stash account bond controller account and nominate a validator.

If we want to nominate the second time, only need to click Nominate button:

Navigate to Staking > Account actions > stashes > Nominate, select the validator you want to nominate. It's done!