GPU Cloud Platform Preliminary Operation Process

About 1 min

GPU Cloud Platform Preliminary Operation Process

1. Seed User Acquiring

  • Preperation Work

    • Make sure the GPU cloud platform is available
    • Set up official twitter/reddit/discord/youtube/telegram social media accounts (focus varies by country)
    • Create basic product tutorials, promotional materials, graphics and videos
  • Execution

    • Produce product tutorials posted on the official reddit/youtube account, encourage people to comment, forward, and continue to accumulate quality content, which can increase search engine ranking, obtain natural traffic, attract users to come and guide them to the official community, leading to private domain traffic, and prepare for subsequent operations.
    • Post and chat in reddit/Disord groups where GPU developers gather to actively search for users, especially Nvidia and deep learning related communities, to import accurate traffic into their own communities leading to private domain traffic for subsequent operations.

2.Serving Seed Users (User retention)

  • Supervise and guide the seed users to use the relevant functions of the cloud platform completely
  • Respond to any problems encountered by seed users in the process of using the platform in a timely manner
  • Timely process and iterate product and technology-related issues raised by seed users

3.Operation and Seed Users (Continued expansion of private domain traffic)

  • Encourage users to write about their experiences and disseminate them in their social media channels (twitter/reddit/discord, etc.), and official social media to interact with them and further accumulate quality content to expand the influence of the cloud platform in the developer community;
  • Encourage users to refer new users and forward official promotional materials
  • Encourage active seed users to serve as community administrators and share the duties of the official operators
  • On the basis of serving seed users well, we spread our reputation by word-of-mouth, our core method is to use users to generate quality content, use users to expand influence, use users to further acquire users, and use users to serve users, forming a closed loop.