On-chain rent machine

Less than 1 minute

On-chain rent machine

Step 1: Determine the machine to be rented


Step 2: Rent a machine on the chain

  • Navigate to Developer---Transactions---rentMachine ----rentMachine(machine_id, duration)

  • machine_id: Enter the id of the machine to be rented, the 0x in the input box must be deleted first

  • duration: Enter the time to be rented (unit: 1 BlockNumber = 30 seconds )

  • After the input is complete, click Submit Transaction, and confirm whether the machine is available within 30 minutes. (If the lease is not confirmed within 30 minutes, the payment of dbc will be refunded, but the transaction fee of 10 dbc cannot be refunded)

  • For related operations such as creating a virtual machine, please referenceopen in new window

Step 3: Confirm availability and lease


Before confirming, you must confirm that the virtual machine can start normally. After confirming that the lease is successful, it means that the machine is successfully leased, and the DBC rent cannot be refunded

  • Navigate to Developer----Transactions----rentMachine----confirmRent(machine_id)

  • Enter the machine id and submit the transaction

Step 4: Relet Machine Rent


The virtual machine will be automatically stopped when the machine expires to ensure that the lease is renewed successfully before the lease expires

  • Navigate to Developer----Transactions----rentMachine----reletMachine(machine_id, add_duration)

  • Enter the machine id and the number of days to renew the lease, and submit the transaction