Fields of DBC application

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Fields of DBC application

Since the establishment of DeepBrainChain, it has been committed to improving the ease of use of DeepBrainChain computing power network and promoting commercialization, and has made great progress in blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud games, visual rendering, biopharmaceuticals , semiconductor simulation and other scenarios have been widely used, providing high-cost GPU computing power for many enterprises. A total of more than 50 manufacturers around the world have deployed high-performance GPU cloud platforms based on the DeepBrainChain network, serving hundreds of artificial intelligence and cloud gaming-related companies and more than 20,000 AI practitioners.

Progress DBC has made

DBC Product Roadmap

Q4 2021Q1 2022Q2 2022Q3 2022Q4 2022
Galaxy Competition Reward Version 1.0 is launched on the DBC mainnet, and computing workers can get dbc rewards when they go online on GPU machinesUniversal gpu rental rpc interface version 1.0 is onlineComputing Reward version 2.0 is online, supporting more NVIDIA GPUsUniversal gpu rental rpc interface version 2.0 is onlineThe computing power reward supports various types of computing chips such as brain-like computing chips, NPU
The 1.0 version of the DBC distributed high-performance computing network based on virtual machine is onlineSupport multiple operating system virtual machine, including ubuntu, windows, to meet the needs of users such as cloud games and Ai training servers.Version 2.0 of the DBC distributed computing network based on virtual machine is launched
Improve the management and resource scheduling of virtual machines, and improve the client-side and server-side communication protocolsThe functions of virtual machines are further improved, and operations such as snapshots and batch deployment are supported, which further improves the speed of creating virtual machines and the performance of virtual machines.Distributed computing network optimizes communication protocols, further increases network scale, and enhances the operating efficiency of the entire network
GPU machine verification function is online in beta versionGPU machine verification function officially launched in version 1.0Cloud platform function optimization supports mainnet dbc settlementUniversal gpu rental rpc interface version 2.0 is onlineCloud platform function optimization supports mainnet dbc settlement
Mainnet rental GPU server function launchedThe Council's autonomy function is onlineSupport artificial intelligence data encryption calculationThe cloud platform supports various operations of virtual machines
Open up the cross-chain bridge to support the free circulation of dbc tokens on the main network and eth chain

Distribution for DBC Token

DBC token distribution plan
DBC token distribution plan
  1. The Council is the community-based autonomous center of the future DBC ecosystem

  2. The council will unlock at least 51 million DBC per year

  3. Unlock 4.25 million DBC to the treasury in the middle of every month, starting from 2022 for 15 consecutive years

  4. The council is elected every 2 months

  5. Useage of DBC funds pool: infrastructure deployment and continuous operation; network security operations (monitoring services, continuous auditing), ecological support (cooperation with friendly chains), market activities (advertising, payment, cooperation), community activities and Outreach (meetup, pizza parties, hackerspaces), software development (wallet and wallet integration, client and client upgrades), etc.

DBC Foundation

Founded in 2017, the dbc foundation is mainly responsible for dbc technology development and global ecological construction. The dbc foundation has an annual budget of 49 million dbc.