DeepBrain Chain Council Launch & On-Chain Governance AMA

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DeepBrain Chain Council Launch & On-Chain Governance AMA

1.What does it mean? ''Community self-governance''? Does it mean the DBC Foundation/team will no longer manage the community?

The essence of blockchain projects is openness, open source, community autonomy, co-building, sharing and co-governance. All excellent blockchain projects (BTC, ETH, etc.) have these characteristics, and blockchain projects that rely solely on founders (the original teams) will not go far. Only by establishing a complete on-chain governance and community autonomy mechanism can we attract a large number of outstanding talents who share the vision of DBC to join the DBC community, and then the grand vision of "DBC - building a high-performance computing network with unlimited expansion" can be realized. In the past 4 years of DeepBrain Chain, we have developed into the community, but we have not considered many suggestions. This is a loss to DeepBrain Chain. Therefore, in the future, there must be an organization to help implement these good suggestions. And to achieve this, there is no real goal that really requires the autonomous behavior of the community. And to realize the financial support on the chain, the community can have the opportunity to develop independently, not under the control of the project. Without funding, everything is empty talk. Therefore, the central government’s capital fraud is 51%, which is a greater profit fraud, so it is not empty talk about community autonomy. The financial support is written in the smart contract.

2.What are the responsibilities of DBC Foundation itself and what is the difference from the responsibilities of the Council?

In the early stage of the development of DeepBrain Chain project, there was little community participation, and there was no particularly suitable way for the community to participate, the Foundation did most of the work, which was a rather centralized way to operate. But this was not going to work forever, we feel that as the DBC mainnet is live and the supernodes are operating stably; as well as the opening of mining and successful commercialization, the participation from the community will grow, and this is time for the Foundation to take a step back, and push for the community autonomy, this ''democratization'' is inevitable. But this is a process, it will take more than one step. The DeepBrain Chain Foundation will have completed its historical mission once the DBC ecosystem is running smoothly and completely decentralized.

The members of the DeepBrain Chain Council are voted in by the community, and the members of the Foundation do not participate. The amount of funding of the Council from 2022 onwards is actually more than the funding of the Foundation. The funding of the DeepBrain Chain Council is mainly used for: infrastructure deployment and ongoing operations; cyber security operations (monitoring services, ongoing audits), ecosystem support (cooperation with friendly chains), marketing activities (advertising, payments, cooperation), community events and outreach activities (meetups, pizza parties, hackerspaces), software development, etc.

The DeepBrain Chain Foundation is freed from the day-to-day issues and focuses more on core technology development and global level ecosystem expansion, branding and future-oriented technology reserve.

3.Have you considered going on some new exchanges?

Of course. We are applying to some top-ranked exchanges with good reputation.

4.When dbc will be listed on other major exchanges?Is the token swap at 1:1 ratio?

At present, we have communicated with some mainstream exchanges and will announce the progress to the community as soon as possible. Yes, it is 1:1 swap.

5.What impact will the polkadot and kusama parachain slot auctions have on DBC?

There is no impact, DBC has an independent mainnet, with its own supernodes to maintain network operations.