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Deepbrain Chain (DBC) Mainnet Launching Imminently --The Only Cloud Computing Project On Polka Ecosystem To Achieve Large-Scale Landing

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SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / April 6, 2021 / Since 2020, the cryptocurrency market with Bitcoin as the lead has ushered in a big bull market, and there are two major hotspots leading the market sentiment, which are DeFi and Polka Ecosystem. Since the end of August last year, the market hotspot gradually shifted from DeFi to Polka Ecosystem. Polka realizes the grand vision of WEB3.0 by establishing a cross-chain underlying architecture that allows all the different types of blockchains that access this architecture to be able to work together. Meanwhile, the combination of Polka Eco and DeFi brings more development direction to the market. As a veteran blockchain project established in 2017, DeepBrain Chain's (DBC) mainnet is developed based on Polka substrate, which has started public test in March and is expected to be officially launched in May. The mainnet of DBC being based on Polka will further improve the layout of Polka ecosystem in the field of computing power, becoming the only cloud computing project on Polka ecosystem to achieve large-scale landing, DBC will also be listed on the decentralize exchange in Polka ecosystem in the future, and work closely with many Polka ecosystem projects.

Layout Of DBC's Commercial Landing, Empowering The Polka Ecosystem

In the past few years, DBC has mainly focused on improving the ease of use of DBC's computing power network and promoting its commercialization, and has made good progress. Objectively speaking, the commercial implementation of DeepBrain Chain has surpassed 99% of the project in the space. At present, it is widely used in various scenarios such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud gameing, visual rendering, biopharmaceuticals, semiconductor simulation, etc. It provides high-performance GPU computing power for many enterprises, and nearly 50 partners have deployed high-performance cloud platforms based on DBC, serving hundreds of enterprises and tens of thousands of AI developers.

In order to further empower the blockchain ecosystem and realize more commercial implementations, DBC will soon launch its mainnet based on Polka. The mainnet public test is divided into phase 1 and phase 2, with 51 nodes and 21 nodes respectively; in 1 month's time, each node in phase 1 of the public test can get about 163,000 DBC as reward for producing blocks, and the team takes out an additional 20,210,000 DBC as a reward in this phase; while phase 2 of the public test will produce about 396,000 DBC. if you want to run for a mainnet supernode, you need to hold at least 5 million DBC.

Building The Bottom Layer Of Computing Power, Tapping Into A Market Worth Hundreds Of Billions

It is worth mentioning that the mining model of DBC is different from most of the blockchain projects in the space. DBC miners will have two revenues: GPU computing power rental revenue + mining revenue, among which the GPU computing power rental revenue comes from artificial intelligence, cloud gaming, visual rendering, blockchain and other related industries, and as long as DBC can provide more cost-effective GPU servers, these companies will choose to rent computing power from DBC computing power network. This is similar to the cloud platform business model, and there will be no cyclical fluctuations of the bull and bear market, the revenue will be very stable. In the past few years DBC continues to work on the commercialization of its computing power network; miners can also enjoy the mining revenue after the mainnet is officially launched. Therefore, for miners, the overall revenue will be more stable and sustainable than single mining revenue, and the demand for computing power is growing rapidly, so they are naturally willing to supply more high-performance servers to the DBC network; meanwhile, for enterprises that need to rent GPUs, they are more willing to choose a platform or network with lower computing power cost and pay to use DBC's computing power network. In addition, when the DBC computing node rental and burning contract comes online, 15% of the miner's computing power rental revenue will be burnt and DBC will start to deflate, which also provides a good basis for the future value growth of DBC.

As the global computing industry is entering the era of combining high-performance computing power and edge intelligence, the application of AI technology is expanding from a few industries to all walks of life; upgrading from local exploration to full implementation, and changing from exclusive use by a few companies to a universal infrastructure. By 2025, the entire market will be valued at over $20 billion. Therefore, DBC is committed to becoming the most important computing power infrastructure in the new era, serving all industries and building the world's largest distributed high-performance computing power network.