Proposal 13/Motion 15: 为明年的持续托管、网络服务和功能开发提供资金

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Proposal 13/Motion 15: 为明年的持续托管、网络服务和功能开发提供资金

Title: Funding ongoing hosting, web services, and feature development for the next year.

This is a secondary proposal to the initial build of the community DBC Network application found here in new window. The original proposal is to help fund the development and build. This proposal is to ensure all web services and core development is supported. Maintaining and building advanced features in an application, designing mobile responsive interfaces, and general web services are very expensive. While we intend to gift most of our expenses and efforts to the global DBC community, we are asking for funding to help ease the burden while the bulk of the work continues for phase 2 on the application build. Please reach out to @crazysix in Telegram with questions or add comments below.

This post lacks details of the overall objectives, but the linked post above will provide an idea of what the funds are helping to achieve. There will also be a submission form on in new window that allows the community to request new features. Ongoing work can be found here in new window.


这是此处 in new window 的社区 DBC 网络应用程序初始构建的次要提案。最初的提议是帮助资助开发和建设。该提案旨在确保支持所有 Web 服务和核心开发。在应用程序中维护和构建高级功能、设计移动响应式界面和通用 Web 服务的成本非常高。虽然我们打算将我们的大部分开支和努力捐赠给全球 DBC 社区,但我们正在寻求资金以帮助减轻负担,同时大部分工作将在应用程序构建的第 2 阶段继续进行。请在 Telegram 中联系@crazysix 提出问题或在下方添加评论。

这篇文章缺乏总体目标的细节,但上面的链接文章将提供资金帮助实现的目标。 in new window 上还会有一个提交表单,允许社区请求新功能。正在进行的工作可以在这里找到。open in new window