Proposal 22:关于 NEO 链上未兑换 DBC 销毁的提案

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Proposal 22:关于 NEO 链上未兑换 DBC 销毁的提案

关于 NEO 链未兑换 DBC 销毁的提案 英文在最后 NEO 链,有接近 10 个亿未在有效期兑换的 DBC,2021 年下半年开启了几个月的兑换期,由于他们的不关注,想躺平,导致错过兑换期,目前官方兑换通道已经关闭!

所以我建议把剩下未兑换的 DBC 打入黑洞地址,永久销毁掉!

目前 DBC 的总流通量为 40 亿,如果投票销毁这 10 亿,流通量直接减少 25%,变为只有 30 亿流通量,是巨大的利好消息,必然带来价格的上涨! 在目前币价低迷的情况下,币价上涨可以给 DBC 的支持者带来一点点温暖,而在大部分人失望的情况下,这一点点温暖是必要的

很多朋友认为到达 5000 卡启动销毁,必然带动币价的上涨,那现在有直接销毁 10 个亿的机会,我希望各位朋友可以站在利益的角度上,投出理想的一票,DBC 这个局面,拖不起了,大家要果断!不可能还有四年机会(每年都有大量的 dbc 释放出来,通胀是不对的) 我们的提案编号为 23 号,需要 10 位理事会成员的支持,[抱拳]

Proposal on the destruction of DBC that has not been exchanged in the NEO chain. In the last NEO chain, there are nearly 1 billion DBCs that have not been exchanged within the validity period. The exchange period of several months will be opened in the second half of 2021. Due to their lack of attention, they want to lie down. As a result of missing the exchange period, the official exchange channel has been closed at present! So I suggest to put the remaining unredeemed DBC into the black hole address and destroy it forever! At present, the total circulation of DBC is 4 billion. If you vote to destroy the 1 billion, the circulation will be directly reduced by 25%, and it will become only 3 billion in circulation. In the current situation of low currency prices, the rise in currency prices can bring a little warmth to DBC supporters, and when most people are disappointed, this little bit of warmth is necessary. Many friends think that reaching 5000 cards will start the destruction, It will inevitably lead to the rise of the currency price. Now there is an opportunity to directly destroy 1 billion yuan. I hope that all friends can stand on the perspective of interests and cast an ideal vote. The DBC situation cannot be delayed. Everyone must be decisive! There is no chance for another four years (a lot of dbc is released every year, inflation is wrong) Our proposal number is No. 23 and needs the support of 10 council members, [clasped fists]