Proposal 23/motion 41

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Proposal 23/motion 41

proposal 23/Motion 41 【然点科技】 DBC 深脑链,做为全球第一名的闲置算力共享平台,用非凡超前的远见,引领着全球 DBC 会员勇敢向前。


空谈误国,实干兴邦,与其临渊慕鱼,不如退而结网。 深圳然点算力科技有限公司自 2021 年 10 月起,在深圳租赁装修了办公室。 准备用毕生精力专注与 DBC 深脑链一起参与到整个全球算力生态建设中来。

2021 年底,然点科技又开发了服务器 GPU 分销 APP 软件,这会让更多相信 DBC,更容易购买 GPU,让认真做事的人获得收益。

我们从办公室租赁,装修,到 APP 开发,前前后后投入接近 50 万人民币,目前每个月也还需要继续投入开支。 我们坚信,在目前大部分深脑链社区布道停滞的情况下,这也是我们对 DBC 全球算力生态建设的一个态度。

为了支持深脑链整个生态发展,快速推动到 5000 卡启动销毁。深圳然点科技,拿出已经上线 GPU 现卡,用户够买即刻产生收益。 然点科技承诺,避免前车之鉴,购买 GPU 签署正规合同,分销系统数据对合伙人公开。

我们希望前期每个月都可以申请到理事会 200 万枚 DBC 的支持,作为社区市场开销的补贴,DBC 需要行动起来,我们然点科技会在越来越多的城市扎根,让更多的人加入 DBC。

proposal 23/Motion 41 【Randian Technology】 DBC DeepBrain Chain, as the world's first idle computing power sharing platform, leads the global DBC members bravely with extraordinary forward vision.

A great cause needs more friends with the same vision to join in. The success of a business must also come from the consensus of everyone, and everyone believes that it will be successful.

Empty talk will mislead the country, and hard work will rejuvenate the country. Shenzhen Randian Power Technology Co., Ltd. has leased and renovated an office in Shenzhen since October 2021. I am ready to devote my whole life to participating in the construction of the entire global computing power ecosystem with DBC DeepBrain Chain.

At the end of 2021, Randian Technology has developed a server GPU distribution APP software, which will make more people believe in DBC, make it easier to buy GPUs, and benefit those who work hard.

From office leasing, decoration, to APP development, we have invested nearly 500,000 yuan before and after, and we still need to continue to invest every month. We firmly believe that this is also our attitude towards the construction of DBC's global computing power ecosystem when most of the DeepBrain Chain community is stagnant.

In order to support the entire ecological development of DeepBrain Chain, it is quickly promoted to 5000 cards to start the destruction. Shenzhen Randian Technology has taken out the GPU cash card that has been launched, and users can buy it and generate income immediately. Randian Technology promises to avoid the lessons learned from the past, sign a formal contract for the purchase of GPU, and disclose the distribution system data to partners.

We hope that we can apply for the support of 2 million DBC from the council every month in the early stage. As a subsidy for community market expenses, DBC needs to take action. We will take root in more and more cities to allow more people Join DBC.