Proposal 15/Motion 17: 为错过的人打开交换

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Proposal 15/Motion 17: 为错过的人打开交换

Title: Open the swap for people that missed it

The council will vote whether or not to open the swap for people that missed the scheduled swap. If approved, the swap will be open for applications for one week. During that week, those who hold nep5 (NEO) coins can submit a request for the swap and receive Mainnet coins through the same process used during the scheduled swap. After one week, the swap will be closed again.

Vote for "aye" to approve a limited, one-week swap. Vote against "nay" to not open the swap for those who missed it.


  • crazysix has a list of 100 holders that missed the swap. These holders add up to millions of coins. Allowing them to swap will show the community and the team are here to support them and help create a positive reputation for DBC.

  • We will have more community members holding Mainnet coins who can participate in staking, democracy, and more. The more involved holders the stronger DBC will become.


  • Opening the swap does require time and energy from the foundation, which distracts from other efforts. However, this is why we are restricting the window for one week. We could vote for another window in the future.

If the council does not vote for or against this proposal, it will be reopened in the near future.

Extra consideration: KuCoin dropped the ball and I (crazysix) feel a late swap option is necessary for those who missed the swap, especially those who expected KuCoin to handle it.

标题: 为错过的人打开交换

理事会将投票决定是否为错过预定交换的人开放交换。如果获得批准,互换将开放申请一周。在那一周内,持有 nep5 (NEO) 币的人可以提交交换请求,并通过预定交换期间使用的相同流程接收主网币。一周后,交换将再次关闭。



  • crazysix 列出了 100 名错过掉期的持有者。这些持有者加起来有数百万个硬币。允许他们交换将表明社区和团队在这里支持他们并帮助为 DBC 创造积极的声誉。

  • 我们将有更多的社区成员持有主网币,他们可以参与 Staking、民主等。参与的持有者越多,DBC 就会变得越强大。


  • 打开交换确实需要基金会的时间和精力,这会分散其他工作的注意力。但是,这就是我们将窗口限制为一周的原因。我们可以投票支持未来的另一个窗口。


额外的考虑:KuCoin 失败了,我(crazysix)觉得对于那些错过交换的人来说,延迟交换选项是必要的,尤其是那些希望 KuCoin 处理它的人。