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DeepBrain Chain computing power mainnet launches online, meaning all GPU servers can now freely connect to the DBC network

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With the advent of the digital era represented by Metaverse + AI, high performance computing power (GPU)will become the most important basic resource.

As Metaverse become the new hot space to enter, high-performance computing power may become important basic infrastructure.

From a technical perspective, the metaverse is quite complex to build, and it needs to include: network and computing technologies (low-cost GPU servers, edge computing, and positioning algorithms, etc.), video game technologies (extremely mature game engines, 3D modeling, and real-time rendering, etc.), display technologies (VR, AR, MR, XR, etc.), blockchain technologies (providing decentralization, peer-to-peer, open and transparent, value assurance, and trustless efficiency) and artificial intelligence to support several major technology clusters.

DeepBrain Chain has created the world’s only, infinitely scalable distributed high-performance computing network, which is expected to provide high-performance and cost-friendly GPU computing resources for the development of metaverse.

DeepBrain Chain – Distributed high-performance GPU computing network

DeepBrain Chain was founded in 2017 with the vision of building an infinitely scalable distributed high-performance computing network based on blockchain technology to become the most important computing infrastructure in the era of 5G+AI+metaverse. DeepBrain Chain contains three important parts: high-performance computing network, blockchain mainnet and GPU computing mainnet. High-performance computing network officially launched at the end of 2018, blockchain mainnet on May 20th, 2021, after nearly 4 months of public testing, GPU computing mainnet has officially launched on November 20th .

The launch of DeepBrain Chain GPU computing mainnet means that anyone in the world can freely join the network with GPU resources that meet the requirements of DeepBrain Chain network, and everyone can freely rent GPU resources in DeepBrain Chain network to support their business development, and all transactions are traceable on the chain, realizing complete decentralization.

The Ability to Serve the Globe

As a distributed cloud computing network, the computing power supply of DeepBrain Chain is distributed all over the world, and the computing power supply nodes all over the world can be automatically transformed into metropolitan nodes and edge nodes to meet the nearby computing demands, and even a single point of node failure does not affect the GPU computing power supply, and the system as a whole becomes more fault-tolerant due to the decentralization.

Empowering Meta-universe and AI

The artificial intelligence space involves a wide range of fields, and the AI-driven infrastructure accounts for 70% of the total. The current popular technology fields such as autonomous driving, robotics, high-end Internet of Things, etc. are interspersed with AI technology, which means that DeepBrain Chain will further drive the development of the whole technology field by empowering the AI segment. At present, the computing power required for AI doubles every 2 months, and the supply level of the new computing power infrastructure carrying AI will directly affect the AI innovation iteration and industrial AI application landing. The high-performance computing and AI industry driven by GPU power will grow exponentially in the next few years.

At present, some AI research fields quite favor the services provided by the DeepBrain Chain system. It is understood that from 2019 to date, DeepBrain Chain AI developer users come from 500+ universities in China and abroad. Many universities that offer AI majors have teachers or students who are using the GPU computing network of DeepBrain Chain, and the application scenarios cover cloud games, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, blockchain, visual rendering, and the AI developer users based on DeepBrain Chain have exceeded 20,000. At present, more than 50 GPU cloud platforms, including Congtu.cloud, 1024lab and Deepshare.netopen in new window, have been built on the DeepBrain Chain network, and the enterprise customers served by DeepBrain Chain have exceeded hundreds.

A meta-verse is a virtual ecosystem that is very complex and needs a lot of computing power to support. For example, the construction of a large number of 3D scenes requires large-scale rendering; for example, in the metaverse, multi-person interaction in the same space requires more algorithmic support, such as multi-person voice interaction in some multi-person scenes involving distance and proximity, dynamic capture and real-time rendering of many users’ mutual actions, and the resulting high rendering and low latency requirements caused by the massive amount of computing. In addition, the open meta-universe ecosystem, UGC (user-generated content) built by a large number of users all need the support of a large number of operations or a large number of AI scenes, etc.

Large models of artificial intelligence will serve as the brains of the ecosystem operation of the meta-universe. AI utilizes advanced data, tensor and pipeline parallelization techniques that enable the training of large language models to be efficiently distributed across thousands of GPUs, and it is evident that the construction of the meta-universe is deeply dependent on the development of AI technology.

With the convergence of 5G+AIOT and the advent of the meta-universe era, the global computing industry is entering the era of high-performance computing + edge intelligence, and the massive, real-time distributed high-performance cheap GPU computing power provided by the DeepBrain Chain network has become the most important computing infrastructure in the AI+meta-universe era.

In a word, the distributed GPU computing power ecosystem built by DeepBrain Chain will help break through the bottleneck faced by the computing field nowadays, accelerate the coming of the digital era, and become one of the most important infrastructures in the Web3.0 world.