How to get DBC or trade DBC

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How to get DBC or trade DBC

How to get DBC

  1. Buy DBC in Exchange : huobi, gate, lbank, uniswap

  2. Become validator node and get reward: in new window

  3. Participate in as nominator to get rewards : in new window

  4. Get rewarded by deploying GPU servers : in new window

  5. Apply for DBC Treasury Awards: in new window

Trading DBC

  1. Centralized trading

  2. Decentralized trading DBC deployed smart contract in erc20、bep20、heco. All smart contract address is: 0x1F735f84b07cc20E9aC471C291a87b5A2428d518. The following three exchanges have dbc-usdt trading pair

  3. DBC Wallet