Explanation on Promoting DBC Council Member Elections and Proposals

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Explanation on Promoting DBC Council Member Elections and Proposals

After a long period of preparation, the DeepBrain Chain Council began trial operation in September, and the funding source was first allocated manually by the foundation. Community members are welcome to actively participate in the election of council members and actively make proposals to promote DeepBrain Chain community governance, jointly building the world's largest distributed high-performance computing power network.

  1. The election and voting of council members are done on the mainnet (https://dbcwallet.io/#/councilopen in new window), and related tutorials will be released soon.

  2. Exchanges such as Huobi/gate have completed the DBC mainnet token swap so that everyone can use the mainnet DBC to participate in community governance.

  3. Community members who are interested in participating in the Council can promote in the Chinese and English communities, and the foundation can provide some support and assistance in the early stage.

  4. Community members who are interested in making proposals to apply for funding can follow the proposal process (trial run) that the foundation will release soon.

  5. The members of the foundation do not participate in the election of the council and the voting of proposals. The mechanism is completely community self-governance.

  6. Starting from 2022, the foundation will unlock DBC 100 million per year. 51% will automatically enter the Treasury from the smart contract at the beginning of each month, which will be managed by the council. If the current year's funds are not used up, they will be automatically burned. The remaining 49% will be used as the foundation's operating expenses. The foundation will be financially open and will regularly release financial reports each year.

  7. From September to December 2021, during the trial operation period of the Council, the Foundation will allocate 2 million DBC to the Council every month. In specific implementation, after the council approves the proposal, the foundation is responsible for paying the funds. Welcome to make proposals.

  8. Funds may be used to (but are not limited to):

  • Infrastructure deployment and continued operation.

  • Network security operations (monitoring services, continuous auditing).

  • Ecosystem provisions (collaborations with friendly chains).

  • Marketing activities (advertising, paid features, collaborations).

  • Community events and outreach (meetups, pizza parties, hackerspaces).

  • Software development (wallets and wallet integration, clients and client upgrades).

  1. The members of the council are currently elected every 7 days. After the mainnet upgrade in September, elections will be held every month. Starting from January 2022, the members of the council will be elected every 2 months.

  2. DBC staked for supernodes can also be used for the election of council members and voting on proposals, without the need for additional staking.