Generate new DBC account

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Generate new DBC account


No matter which method is used to generate the account, be sure to keep the mnemonic phrase and private key.

Option 1: By polkadot{.js} adds-on

After the installation is complete, new account can be generated through the browser plug-in.

Option 2: By command line

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh
cargo install --force subkey --git --version 2.0.1 --locked
subkey generate --scheme sr25519 # 生成账户,输出内容如下:
Secret phrase `final huge obscure action vacuum public banner autumn remove close exotic rotate` is account:
  Secret seed:       0x4b6490134a277f9d4ba36a5671eefa122159dbdecb1fb5f4e937bb8c3f0d2474
  Public key (hex):  0xbae85335116a2f65417d26226ac7d3de188c5160915378ceb4dd7e59a1f0c873
  Public key (SS58): 5GHmn7gTjf7JsXCdieFj7Ypu8gibCXdroU2jG182H2e3zMkf
  Account ID:        0xbae85335116a2f65417d26226ac7d3de188c5160915378ceb4dd7e59a1f0c873
  SS58 Address:      5GHmn7gTjf7JsXCdieFj7Ypu8gibCXdroU2jG182H2e3zMkf

Install subkey and other flags, please reference: in new window

How to convert secret phrase to private key

Some operations on the chain sometimes need to be signed with a private key. When the mnemonic phrase is saved, you can use subkey to convert the mnemonic phrase into a private key.

subkey inspect "grief cabin hint replace chalk recall alpha crunch vacant range success rent"

The message generated is as follows:

Secret phrase `grief cabin hint replace chalk recall alpha crunch vacant range success rent` is account:
  Secret seed:       0xb4789ce6da4c3eece566ae7848f91822079d7e9b07e4cb77f00beafcb28fb611
  Public key (hex):  0xfabef9d9550ecc3247035be7091ea7d8b384cfdeb1dfae3ff80ba9515cca2570
  Public key (SS58): 5HjUZSGCZgBN86syLVRrW1mAHE6nFZcxK5AFephzoj5xc1FN
  Account ID:        0xfabef9d9550ecc3247035be7091ea7d8b384cfdeb1dfae3ff80ba9515cca2570
  SS58 Address:      5HjUZSGCZgBN86syLVRrW1mAHE6nFZcxK5AFephzoj5xc1FN